Socata TBM700 – For What It’s Worth

socata tbm700 takeoff

Some pilots are gifted with the ability to just vomit information left and right about every single aircraft known by man kind. Me, not so much.  I instead know a little about a lot of airplanes. So as I dig into reviewing airplanes in this random segment called “For What It’s Worth”, I will spin my own article about aircraft like the Socata TBM700 for example that I know little about but would like to get to know a bit more. It’s my blog and I’ll do what I want to.

Instead of spouting off all of the specs which I am sure you can find readily available, I am more or less going to explain the airplane, how it makes me feel, and where I see it fitting into my brain from a laymen’s aviation perspective.

So the Socata TBM line is an interesting airplane to me.

I think it is clear to see that the trend of aircraft seem to be going towards this high performance single engine turbine aircraft sector. In fact, it’s hard to go to a general aviation airport nowadays and not see either a TBM700, TBM850, Pilatus, or Piper Meridian gracing it’s presences on the ramp.

Without getting into the great debate over the Socata TBM700 vs. Pilatus PC-12 vs. Piper Meridian, I want to figure out WHY this airplane in particular exists.

At first glance you can see it has some interesting characteristics. A long nose that would make even Pinocchio jealous to be more specific. Additionally, for some reason the proportion of the size of airplane to the size of the 4 bladed propeller makes the prop look gigantic to me. Agree?

Screw it, let’s learn together by watching a few videos about this bird…

TBM700 Pre-Flight / Walkaround

Since I don’t particularly own or have access to one of these beauts here are some videos to help show off this bird.

TBM700 Startup Sequence

Camera angle is a little wacky here, but you get the idea of how this machine normally startsup up from this in-cockpit view of the startup.

TBM700 Takeoff

Socata TBM700 Landing

Is it just me or does it look like this guy sinks like no other on his flare sequence? Eeeek.

Okay Maybe a Few Socata TBM700 Specs

  • Price: On I’m seeing them for sale: $900,000 to $1.1M. Not a cheap date, but one that gets you going somewhere in style.
  • Seats: 6-7
  • Max Cruise: 300 knots
  • Range: ~1,305 nm
  • Engine: One Pratt & Whitney PT6A-64 rated at 700 shp

Let’s wrap this bird up

In conclusion I would have to say that the Socata TBM700 is a big airplane in a small package. To me it feels like it is stubby but once you watch some more videos and get to know the airplane it looks like it could be one hell of a bird to fly. On a more interesting note, as I tried my best to keep this article TBM700 specific you have to check out what FlightChops has done to show off the Socata TBM850. ie. Watch the video below.