Sun ‘n Fun 2012 #snf12 envious “non-goers”

I imagine at this very moment in time you are coming home from a long hard day at work wishing you were flying, building, or of course…. at Sun ‘n Fun this year. Well, I have to break the news to you, you aren’t (Unless of course you are there and you took time to read this out of your busy airplane filled week.). Yes it is true, while some found time to call in sick for a week from work, took an early spring break vacation, or are retired, they will be enjoying a fun week of airplanes, airshows, Team RV, and all things aviation related! While we sit here sulking in our sorrow of jealousy it is easy to forget about Oshkosh in only a handful of months! So keep your head up and get out there and build that airplane in your garage this week.

Yes yes, I know what you are thinking…. “Is this guy really trying to give a pep talk about me stuck at work”. You bet I am. I look at it this way, they all may be down there enjoying the sunshine and having a couple beers but they are in for a rude awakening when they come home. You see, for all of those Sun n Fun goers out there, they are way to excited about the event that they won’t remember to put sunscreen on. In result, they will come home with teribble sun burns making their experience remembered in infamy!

Okay, I tried to justify it but that is the best I have. Truthfully it just plane (pun) sucks that we (collective group of Sun N Fun dreamers), have to sit here and endure our friends, Twitter, Facebook, and our minds with constantly being reminded where they ARE and where we AREN’T.

I decided for all of you out there trying to find a way to cope with this dreaded week, that I would make a “To-Do” list to keep your mind off of what is going on in Florida:

1. Don’t look at any pilots Tweets or Facebook pages that are at Sun ‘n Fun right now.

2. Have a drink, most likely something strong (I’m 18, don’t drink yet but I hear pilots do that! haha).

3. Cuss a little (or a lot).

4. Go to the garage and pound some rivets on your airplane (Preferably to release that jealousy).

5. Go flying…. duh

And finally…..

6. Remember all of those pilot friends that went to this Sun ‘n Fun that are giving you a hard time, and give them the KARMA they deserve if they don’t make it to Oshkosh!

That’s all I have for the case of Sun N Fun-itous, stay classy all of you pilots with such disease as I have this week!

Until Next Time,

Fully envious Pilot Ian