T minus 1 day

Wait is this really happening? Is it already that time for Airventure 2011? By OSHGOSH it is!!!!!!!!!

Today is my last day at home before I begin the long long journey to the only place that is better than Disney World. Today I am pretty laid back, I got everything charged and ready to go for the trip, and am waiting for 3pm to roll around so I can put in my last hours of work before I am free to enjoy airplanes for a couple of days. This has been a long awaited day and I am excited for it to be over. I have been looking back on my photos from last year and none of them are to grand but I figured I would show you guys that wont be able to make it out this year so you can get a taste of what it will be like:


Just take those panels off!


Award Winning!

A look out of the top of the Buffalo Airway’s DC-3

If you get a chance go over to the ultralights area, they fly those things perfectly!


Those are AirVenture 2010 photos, and I only took 55 photos last year. This year I plan on capturing a little over 2,300 pictures roughly! And hopefully a couple hours of video, its all about the media baby!

Until Tomorrow (youll hear about the road trip), here is the EAA Airventure 2011 Promo video, I was saving best for last: