T minus 2 days

One word to sum up today? Crazy!

I woke up today at 9:15am to get the day started because I knew I had a lot to do. First on the list of activities was to go shopping for all the supplies I need to survive Oshkosh 2011 ex: toothpaste, shampoo, memory cards (most important). After that I proceeded to hit the last of golf balls at the range until next week! Then I came home showered and went to my girlfriends house.

Now that I am home, I have been going through my homemade Airventure 2011 Checklist I made. Right now I am suprised I am not popping circuit brakers because every outlet + more are charging all my electronic devices. I have thrown all my clothes into a duffle bag and have another bookbag that will be used for all the camera equipment on the days at the airshow!

With all the heckteck planning today I have been so stressed about being able to make this trip as great as I want it to be.

What will make it great?

Here is my goal sheet for the Oshkosh EAA AIRVENTURE 2011 trip:

1. Meet at least one person that has seen, heard of, or is a fan of my website or twitter account.

2. Capture some eye captivating photographs of aircraft

3. Have fun

4. Be able to let loose and be with “my kind”

Going along with number 4, I find myself excited at the fact that not only is this airshow, an airshow, but its a coming together. For a week out of every year pilots are able to coincide and socialize with other pilots. Being able to drop funny aviation jokes that normal people dont get, or talk about that tough approach into 25 when you had to bring it down to minimums, without your friend looking at you dum founded. Its the one place that everyone will have a hurt neck at the end of the day, because your free to watch any airplane in the air.

I would love to meet as many people as I can to put in my bank of knowledge and contacts. If you see me with this t-shirt (Front of Tshirt Pictured at top of post)

Back of Tshirt

on Monday please say hey, and if your there on Tuesday look for my tall skinny stature with a long lens and a backpack. And if you hate reading my blog how about you follow me more closely (stalkerish? I don’t think so) on Twitter @Pilotian24 .

Until Next Time,
Pilot Ian