T minus 7 days

Oshkosh is finally only a week away. I have been preparing for Airventure 2011 ever since Airventure 2010 was over!  I am sure these last 7 days of waiting will be the longest week of my life. I have so much to still prepare for the trip including making my tshirt/tshirts and getting all my camera supplies I need. But I am sure I will have everything ready and packed days in advance.

For any of you going to Airventure Monday and Tuesday be sure to stay in tune with my blog entries, I will be posting about the days I have spent there and of course sharing many photos and videos as well!

I figured with having one week until Airventure 2011 begins I shall have a EAA Airventure video countdown for each day. So here is Day 7’s video:

Until Tomorrow,

Pilot Ian