The checks in the mail!

As of 2 days ago, the check for my RV-8 Tail Kit was put in the mail! Words cant truly explain how excited I am to begin building on my very own airplane. With the order of my tail I also am scramblying to find tools for the job, and various other equipment. I have been very busy in golf and work and this project is just adding to the work load, but worth it.

As I have been looking through the preview plans I got a couple days back, I found the RV-8 three view, (which is a view of the whole airplane). Once I found it I decided to start having a little fun with paint schemes. So I scanned it onto the computer and started fiddling around with it.

My favorite color is darker red, and I love checkers so I figured I would test my airplane paint design skills out on Photoshop! Pictured at the top was the very first edit of something I had envisioned.  Like I said I love checkers, and I think the flashier my airplane can be the more it will be remembered!

After some joke poked at my design by fellow Van’s Air Force Forum members I got advice to blend the cowling from red to checkers, which I totally agreed with. So after another hour of editing here is a rough edit of what I envision as a possible look for my future airplane.

My Potential RV-8 look
My Potential RV-8 look

REMEMBER I said rough!!!!!

The wait for the tail kit is killing me, I cant wait to have it in my garage and look at it and say, “Im confused”. It will most likely be the most challenging thing I may do in my life. But when it takes off for the first time all the hard work will be worth it. I plan to post more often with photos of my progress (If I can find my memory cards) so you guys arent left out of this big event in my flying life.

Until Next Time,

Pilot Ian