The road to the Instrument Rating!

Last week I had ordered my Sporty’s Complete Instrument rating course DVD’s
, I had started to watch some of the videos in preparation to start my instrument flight training. The first video seemed a bit redundant at least for me because I have a fairly good knowledge in instrument flying from flying flight simulator for many years prior. Today I had my very first official instrument flight lesson. I was able to fly for an hour in the Redbird FMX full motion simulator doing some various approaches into an airport. We went to boot up the simulator it turned on and everything but would load the flight so we had to fiddle around with settings for a little while and then we finally got it to work. We hopped in and started it up, taxied and took off.

He then put me in clouds and I was like I was in a white room with just my instruments! The first approach we did was a VOR approach for runway 07, I flew it very nicely if I may say so myself. The nice thing during sim training is that when ever you want you can pause and recap what you just did. So we did that a couple of times explaining why and how we would go about doing something differently or in a more efficient way.

After that approach we regrouped and set up for a GPS approach for the same runway, again I flyed pretty well and then her let up the clouds and I made a uneventful landing to finish our training session.

Soon I will be flying as a safety pilot for another IFR student which will be fun, and good for me to add some hours to the book. But other than that Ill end with one less hour towards my Instrument Rating.

Until Next Time,
Pilot Ian