Time to elevate my RV-8 build!

It is finally that time! With the rudder nearly completed, I have begun the elevators in hopes to finish before I go to college in late August.

If there is one thing I have learned throughout the year I have been building this tail kit, I have learned you need to always “build on!” when times are tough. What does that mean? When ever you hit a difficult building hurdle in the long road of building your airplane, there is always something else you can work on. If it is the leading edge of the rudder that has you cussing up a storm and  contemplating why you even build airplanes in the first place, there is always a chance to take a break and go deburr or build something else. I have found that the old adage that my flying friend always reminds me of, as being the best advice in the whole project. I have learned that building is always better when you do not have a hot head because it minimizes the crap you mess up.

Why do I mention this you may ask? Well if you are a builder reading this post you understand the pain and struggle it takes to make the leading edge roll on the rudder look and act well. I had the same struggles as well.

As I assembled and added the RTV sealent inside the rudder, then riveted the entire assembly together, it was finally time to bend the leading edge. I did as per the directions and got a steel tube 3/4″ and duct taped it to one side and rolled it like no tomorrow! It turned out fantastic, I was so proud of myself as I stood there thinking “what is everyone complaining about”…. then it was time for the other side. As quickly as I was proud of my work, it was stomped on even quicker. I began the bend and then boom I couldn’t fully roll it do to a lack of clearance due to the other rolled side. At this point I was defeated, ticked, and dripping in 100+ degree weather as the Ohio dry spell devil weather was rolling through.

I decided to walk away and give it up for the day. It has yet to be completed because I am at a loss on what to do, but as my friend says “build on” so I will. I have now began the last control surface on the tail kit, the elevators! I am excited to get these last two pieces done but am worried time will be the culprit in my goal to finish before school. However, I will do my best to get them done and we will see where the chips will fall.

Today I marked out the stiffeners and now need to get creative on how I will be cutting them out. I think I may just find a friend and see if I can cut them with their belt saw.

I leave for Oshkosh in exactly one week and I am very excited to see everything and everyone again. Next post will be about my love for Oshkosh so stayed tuned!

Until Next Time… Build on,

Pilot Ian