Time To SOLO again!!!

Well it was that time to solo again and Ill tell you what I was as nervous as a seal. To be honest I was less nervous on my first solo. Well I hopped in the plane and started it up. The funny thing is I saw the guy working on his baron in the hanger to the right of NWO’s and he just laughed when my instructor didn’t get in the Co-pilot seat. Taxied over to 25 and low and behold my friend with a C150 was in front of him. Just two days earlier I was helping him put his C150 together after his annual. He taxied on and off I figured he was just seeing how his mag was that he worked on. Then it was my time I did the Run-Up and taxied into position and took off. It looked to be not as busy as I thought it would be but that would change. I when straight out and did some low level maneuvers about 12 nm east of the field.
Well I finally got them done and now it was time to enter the pattern for landing. Well I was listening early to make sure I knew were everyone was and get a visual in my mind of the layout. I had a helicopter some were but his mic was fuzzy. Had a Cirrus jerk in the pattern for full stop and I had a foreign guy also entering upwind for 36 which was active for the winds had changed. So any way I get about 10 nm south of the field looking to enter a upwind so I could do a full pattern. And the foreign guy announced his position as if he were a student and seemed new. Well this jerk guy in a cirrus or what have you repeated what he said slowly making fun of the foreign guy in the pattern. I thought how immature you have to be to make fun of a new pilot. But anyway I entered a upwind for 36 was going good till final. I was to high so I went around for good measures sake and did it again. Finally I got it did an okay landing and taxied it back to fuel.
Overall, I thought it was a good day. But to those pilots out there note** When you have a new guy or a foreign guy that may not speak very good English be patient, look out for him, and help him out. He’s just trying to have fun like you are.
Until Next Time,