To Live Radio show, and beyond!

Hey aviators,

Hope you all find some time out of your day to listen in tonight to ‘s live radio show! Why? Well besides the fact that their show is great every week, I will be on the show as their guest today! I am really excited to share my life in aviation and speak about the company I have started: Heading 370 Aviation Classifieds (like us on Facebook and be ready for a review about the company after the show).

— “beyond” part —

I have had time to reflect this last week about the direction of this website, and through deep consideration and weighing the options, I have decided to bring in another  author onto the website. Yes thats correct, it won’t just be me anymore writing on this blog! I am excited about the new direction because it only has benefits. I will be able to give you readers more content, more regularly, and of a more diversified kind. The pilot I am brining in on the team is Pilot Cory, he is a Purdue University Flight student and licensed pilot. I will introduce him in a later post when this is all implemented. He will be taking care of writing some aviation news article, breaking aviation news articles, product reviews, and much more. I will still handle the side that I hold near and dear to my heart, my flying passion and story. So please stick with us as we try to make this website more than just all about me, and more about the aviation community! It has always been my goal to grow this website into more than just a personal blog, and I figured there was no better time to grow then now.

I hope you will all listen in tonight at 9pm Eastern time on !!!!

Until Next Time,

Pilot Ian