Top 5 Blue Angels Fighter Jet Rides

fighter jet rides

We’ve all had that dream. The one that starts with us suiting up a special flight suit and walking up to a Blue Angel’s F18 Hornets to take on an epic adventure. For most of us this is likely going to remain a dream but for some this certainly does become a fun and exciting reality. Let’s take a look at some of the most epic fighter jet rides the Blue Angels have given. Or at least the ones we could find on the internet.

1. Drag Racer Goes Airborne

Mike Knowles a professional drag racer takes a ride with the Blue Angels. I threw this one into the mix because I think it was interesting to watch a person that drives fast for a living take to the skies to see what fighter jets can do. Makes drag racing look like a breeze.

2. Sustained G’s Will Get’chu

This is a quick one, but a US Navy fighter jet engineer looks to have gotten a chance to take a practice flight with the Blue Angels, and the sustained G’s looked to have gotten the best of him. Honestly, I can’t tell if it was the G’s that got him or his grunting that made him pass out. Either way, definitely entertaining. 7+ G’s are going to get most people!

3. Tim Allen Ditches Cars for the Jet

Well, I just had to include this one when I found it because mainly the fact that this video seems to be a throw back from a while ago. Okay, 1993 to be exact. More perspective, that was the year I was born (eeek)! Anyway, who doesn’t like a Tim Allen video, and if you watch it you may see him pick his nose. Seriously, he does.

4. Captain Chesley Sullenberger

Captain Sullenberger is best known for the “Miracle on the Hudson” when he captained the doomed US Airways flight that landed on the Hudson river on January 15, 2009. He saved the lives of everyone onboard. With that incredible accomplishment came a new leading voice in aviation. Here we watch as he gets rattled around a bit in the Blue Angels #7.

5. Funny or Die’s Rob Riggle Auditions for Top Gun 2

The best Blue Angel’s fighter jet video has to be Rob Riggle’s Funny or Die skit playing an auditioning pilot with the callsign “Ringtone”. At the end, he finally passes out but not after doing some funny things during the flight.

(click the link after you press play to watch it)

As you can see, the Blue Angels F18 fighter jet rides are no joke. Well, I guess there were some jokes made in these videos. Although you may not necessarily get a chance to fly in one of these F18’s in your lifetime, if you save up some money, you can certainly take your own fighter jet ride at a place like Air Combat. Sure it may not be a jet necessarily, but you can dog fight and dominate the skies and get your own little taste of what it could be like to be in Top Gun yourself.

Cheers! Back to dreaming of a Blue Angels flight in my lifetime.