Will they reveal a Vans RV14?

As the date is getting closer there are a lot of us fellow Vans RV builders that are anxiously awaiting what the Van’s company has to say at Sun ‘n Fun on Friday at 9:00am in their forum area. Just like any industry, it is exciting to see what is new and revolutionary in today’s market, and I think I speak for many builders when I say I can’t wait to see what they will say. Is it going to be a Vans RV14? Hmmmm…

Sadly, if you have read previous posts you know that I am not able to attend Sun ‘n Fun this year, so I will need to rely on other builders to tell me about what is said at “What’s new at Van’s Aircraft” forum seminar. As an avid Vans Air force [VAF] Forum user I can tell there is a lot of hype of perhaps a new aircraft being release or talked about. This could be one hundred percent speculation which is most likely the case; however it could have some truth to it. The rumor began when someone found that Vans Aircraft company registered an aircraft with the FAA called the  “RV-14A”  (view top photo of registration) which sparked an almost 100 post forum thread about what we all thought would be the next big thing from Vans.  If you can imagine it, most likely someone suggested the possibility. From sailplanes to bush planes, from jet aircraft to Light Sport aircraft (LSA) and everything in-between, it was guessed in the Vans Air force forum thread here.

Whatever Van’s Aircraft has to say Friday I am sure it will be of a positive nature, I am not sure how much they will talk about the rise in their kit prices or if they will be modifying a certain aircraft in their fleet. Who knows, maybe they will begin to produce a line of RV-1’s (joke).

The moral of the story is that no one really can have an educated guess as to what is new at Vans Aircraft (they keep it more secret than the government), until they speak at Sun ‘n Fun tomorrow morning. The only assumption I can clearly make is that I hope there are enough chairs for that seminar, because I am sure there will be many eager builders ready to know what the scoop is! As for me, I will be enjoying the wonderful world of high school during that time…. Fun.

Update as of March 2016 –  It was a Vans RV14 announced.

Until Next Time,

Pilot Ian