Why cant I build an airplane?

This last weekend, after getting back from AirVenture 2011 in Oshkosh Wisconsin, I have been thinking… “Why cant I build an airplane as a younger adult?”. And I thought about it and told my self, heck I could do it!

That is why today I mark the first day in the expedition to building my very own airplane, the Van’s RV-8. As an 18 year old, your usually at a cross road to which party to go to tonight, or what bad stuff you can do and not get into trouble, but me… Im going to build an airplane. Some may say I am a dork, some may say I’m crazy, and many say I wont be able to do it. But it only has given me more drive to achieve the “impossible”.

I have always told myself, why hinder your dreams when you only live once. Where there is a will there is ALWAYS a way!

Beautiful RV-8
Beautiful RV-8

It wasn’t just Oshkosh that got me inspired to build an aircraft, I would have to chalk up the inspiration to my good friend Dave that is currently in the process of building and RV-8 as well. I got to spend a lot of time with him during the 4 day trip to AirVenture, and when you spend that kind of time with a person you learn an ungodly amount of information. And on the way home he was telling me how I should build one and start on the tail. I of course thought he was joking and laughed thinking it was something I could achieve on my bucket list.

That very night I got home and began looking at the Van’s website and after discovering the price sheet I realized what my friend was telling me was actually possible. I emailed him right away and said “Wow your right, I’m ordering the tail when I have the money”.

In just 2 days since I sent that email I have talked to him about tools to get etc… Also there is a forum called Van’s Air force, where a good majority of RV home builders go to talk shop and learn and help others. I decided to write a post asking if I was crazy for wanting to build an airplane at my age and the overwhelming responses made me grin!

I got a handful of people who posted saying I shouldnt try it and it would be a bad idea, but I got tons of people giving me so many words of advice, and within one day of the post being up I got 2 emails from other builders. One of which I will be going to talk to and perhaps help out tomorrow on his RV-7!!! (And I thought I was the only aviator in this city).

Lastly, I would like to thank so many of you guys ( you know who you are) that I have met in the last 2 weeks whether it be at Oshkosh or on the Vans Airforce page, for inspiring me to go for it! I thought aviation was a tight nit family but home builders are even more ready to lend a helping hand!