Wing walker Amanda Franklin has died


Amanda Younkin
Waco Mystery Ship - Amanda on the wings! Picture by: Craig Sorenson

Amanda Franklin passed away today after she sustained fatal injuries from an airshow act she was performing on March 12, 2011. She was performing aerobatic wing walking with her husband Kyle Franklin at the controls, when their Waco JMF-7’s engine failed and they crashed, when they crashed she sustained over half her body in burns.  While her husband also sustained injuries he has been able to recover. She was 25 years old and will be greatly missed not only by her family, but by the aviation community. It is always hard to see someone who puts their heart and sole into aviation and have it taken away so quickly. She will be missed greatly and may she rest in peace!


In other news:

From recent reports, a Delta Flight 2284 a MD-88 jet had a caught fire during landing at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport when at least one wheel blew out and then cause the gear to catch on fire. This was most likely due to the friction between the runway and steal producing sparks. As the aircraft came to a complete stop, the airplane ended up in big billows of smoke. Luckily the fire department on hand was able to douse the fire out quickly and efficiently. Then they promply evacuated the airplane and all the passengers survived with only a handful sustaining minor injuries.

Here is footage of the aircraft on the ground from our friends at Associated Press:


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